About Us

We Love Coffee

Our love for coffee led to an innovation. Instead of having our caffeine fix at local coffee shops and critiquing what we liked and didn't like, we wanted to start from scratch and create our own idea of the perfect espresso bar. We wanted to have the "pure coffee experience" and share it with everyone. Do you remember the feeling you had when you got your first kiss, or your first car, or maybe even that new job?  We want you to experience that feeling all over again when you enter Robusta Espresso Bar and you notice the difference in the ambiance, the decor, and food and beverage quality. We believe in vibrancy to create a sense of liveliness. To enhance your coffee experience, we offer our premium wood roasted espresso bean from our Italian roaster, Anèri.

Our History

Robusta Espresso Bar was founded in 2011. Our love for the espresso blend began when we first tried it ourselves and discovered its rich earthy flavor. It was stronger than anything we had ever tasted - a variety of Robustas and Arabicas from South America, India, and Africa, combined to form a premium Italian blend. A penetrating aroma with a strong, clean taste. It's guaranteed to keep the Financial District wide awake...a good cup of coffee goes a long way and even increases productivity!

Our Goal

Our goal is to have our neighbors walk into Robusta Espresso Bar and forget that they are actually on a lunch or coffee break, to forget about their office routine and simply relax and enjoy the moment. We want to have that long term committed relationship with fellow coffee lovers. We take pride in our extraordinary coffee, exceptional individual service, and high quality and fresh ingredients in our sandwiches, salads, and pastries and breads baked daily on premises. We are dedicated to consistently giving you the best, pure coffee experience.